Words. Written, spoken, acted out, improvised, edited, reedited. Words are a royal pain to get right, but oh, so glorious when you do. I’ve written my share of bad poetry and some okay short stories, but my more eloquent authorial efforts have been in memoir and, lately, novels. My in-progress upmarket women’s fiction/romcom novel Grand Gestures is for lovers of Emily Henry and Curtis Sittenfeld’s poignant romances and fans of Gilmore Girls’ delightfully tangled family dynamics. Unfolding in the worlds of Ivy League academia and Broadway musicals, Grand Gestures is a story about having it all and risking it in search of that infinitely precarious balance between personal, familial, and professional happiness. Can we really mend the relationships that weave the fabric of our lives after we’ve severed them?

Stay tuned for news on the novel.

A woman is sitting in her living room while an array of books surround her. She holds a pen as she smiles into the camera.

Selected Nonfiction Writing

A young couple stands in front of a wooded backdrop, smiling at the camera. The woman, wearing a cowboy hat, affectionately has her arm around the man.