Sabana Grande Productions


Sabana Grande Productions LLC is a film and video production company I founded in 2013. The company’s goal is to produce micro-budget indie films, videos, and video essays that tackle topics from social justice and feminist perspectives. Some of the topics explored by Sabana Grande projects are motherhood, breastfeeding, immigration, bilingualism, and feminist approaches to filmmaking and social media.

Sabana Grande projects are made through feminist filmmaking, so that everyone’s contribution is valued and crew members mentor and support each other. I always make a point to hire women and people of color to work on our projects. Many of them are students and faculty at Michigan State University, where I work. Their creativity, talent, and fresh perspectives never fail to strengthen the resulting project. My most frequent collaborator is my husband, Nathaniel Bowler, who has learned filmmaking alongside me and generously picks up the camera whenever I need him too, which is often.

Alexandra Hidalgo filming her children with her husband Nathaniel Bowler


A number of talented professionals have worked with Sabana Grande Productions. Below are those who’ve worked with us over sustained periods of time:

Nathaniel Bowler
Ana Lucía Salamanca
Lindsey Spitzley
Shanele Alvarez

Lena Miles
Ricardo Lorenz

Sound Editors
Sarah Shaw

Peter Johnston
Jenna Ange

Jenna Ange

Film Website and Poster Designers
Hannah Countryman
Shell Little
Shannon Roe-Butler
Katie Grimes


General Interest Documentaries
Teta (25 minutes, 2017)
I tell the story of nursing my youngest son from birth to weaning him at 22 months.

William and Santiago Simultaneous (5 minutes, 2016)
A look at how different yet also similar the first year in two brothers’ lives can be.

Vanishing Borders (90 minutes, 2014)
A documentary about four immigrant women living in New York City and transforming their communities with their work.

PERFECT: A Conversation with the Venezuelan Middle Class About Female Beauty and Breast Implants (25 minutes, 2009)
Featuring interviews with 13 middle-class Venezuelan women and men discussing the prevalence of breast implant surgery in their motherland.

Academic Documentaries
Latin@s Taking Action (5 minutes, 2016)
This video showcases the work of activists and writers who presented at the Latin@ Caucus Workshop at the Conference on College Composition and Communication.

Lifting as We Climb: The Coalition of Women Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition 25 Years and Beyond (20 minutes, 2014)
This short documentary features interviews with nine members of the Coalition in order to record its history and discuss its challenges and goals.

Video Book
Cámara Retórica: A Feminist Filmmaking Methodology for Rhetoric and Composition (160 minutes, 2017).
This collection of six interconnected video essays examines feminist filmmaking and film and video production in Rhetoric and Composition.

Video Essays
A Feminist Approach to Social Media” (16 minutes, 2016).
Co-authored with Katie Grimes, this video essay provides principles of feminist engagement with social media.

Alto Precio: Love, Loss, and Rebellion in Raising Bilingual Children.” (25 minutes, 2016).
This video essay explores my husband’s and my experience raising our son William as a speaker of Spanish and English while living in Michigan.

Introduction to Race, Rhetoric, and the State Special Issue” (10 minutes, 2016).
Co-authored with Donnie Johnson Sackey, this video essay provides an introduction to a special issue that Donnie and I co-edited for Present Tense: A Journal of Rhetoric in Society.

A Visual Argument for Ethnic Studies (2 minutes, 2016).
This video essay argues for the value of ethnic studies for all students, regardless of race or background.

Vanishing Fronteras: A Call for Documentary Filmmaking in Cultural Rhetorics (con la ayuda de Anzaldúa) (20 minutes, 2016).
In this piece I look at the benefits and drawbacks of using documentary as a medium in Rhetoric and Composition.

Family Archives and the Rhetoric of Loss (18 minutes, 2015).
This video essay explores my work reconstructing my father’s life after his disappearance when I was a child.

A Mother’s Cinematic Peregrinations (5 minutes, 2015).
An autobiographical account of being a mother and a filmmaker.

Promotional Videos
#FavWomanFilmmaker Monday Video (5 minutes, 2015).
Campaign video in support of women and feminist filmmakers.

If you’re interested in screening our work or in learning more about our philosophy, feel free to contact me.