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General Interest Documentaries

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The Weeping Season (in production)
In this in-production feature documentary, I try to solve the mystery of my father’s 1983 disappearance in the Venezuelan Amazon. While investigating my father’s vanishing and his life as an inventor, economist, and writer, I also come to terms with the collapse of my homeland under a populist, nationalist regime. We¬¬ have received various grants for the film, which have allowed us to film in Venezuela, the US, Spain, and Portugal. We are currently in production.

A Place at the Table (17 minutes, 2017)
This short documentary blends the disembodied voices of attendees describing their experience at the March on Lansing with footage of the event to create an immersive, meditative experience of the march for audiences. It was published in the Public Philosophy Journal and exhibited at east arbor architecture + gallery.

Teta (25 minutes, 2017)
This short documentary tells the story of my journey nursing my youngest son, Santiago, for twenty-two months. Teta uses my narration and the footage shot by my husband to portray the ups and downs of nursing a baby as a working mother of two. As the film shows Santiago go from his first nursing session minutes after being born to his last as a walking and talking toddler, Teta illustrates the transcendent emotional bond created by nursing, not only between mother and child but between all members of the family. It has been the official selection at twenty-one film festivals and received seven film festival awards.

William and Santiago Simultaneous (5 minutes, 2016)
This short documentary asks a question millions of parents ask themselves: just how alike are my children? I filmed my sons reaching the same milestones during the boys’ first year of life and placed them side by side on the screen so audiences can see how the boys’ individual journeys mirror each other. Besides providing a meditation on how siblings grow up, the film is a joyful look at what it’s like to make sense of the world for the first time. It has been the official selection at four film festivals.

Vanishing Borders (90 minutes, 2014)
This feature documentary showcases the lives of four immigrant women living in New York City, who transform their communities with their work. The film provides a personal and complex portrayal of immigration in contrast to the abstract and generalized representations often found in the mainstream media. It has been the official selection at eleven film festivals and seven universities, received five film festival awards, and been featured on multiple press outlets.

PERFECT: A Conversation with the Venezuelan Middle Class About Female Beauty and Breast Implants (25 minutes, 2009)
This short documentary features interviews with 13 middle-class Venezuelan women and men discussing the prevalence of breast implant surgery in their motherland. It has been the official selection at four film festivals and screened various conferences.

Academic Documentaries

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Lifting as We Climb: The Coalition of Women Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition 25 Years and Beyond (20 minutes, 2015)
This short documentary features interviews with nine members of the Coalition in order to record its history and discuss the challenges and goals that will shape the next quarter of a century. It was published in Peitho.

The Underside of Dracula: Community and Masculinity in Pinball (20 minutes, 2013)
This short documentary showcases interviews with three members of the Main Street Amusements Pinball League in Lafayette, Indiana. The interviewees discuss the ways in which pinball has helped them bond with fellow players and develop their identity as pinball players, as well as why women tend to be absent from leagues such as theirs. It was published in Itineration.

Writing and Working for Change Video Project (five 20-minute videos, 2012)
As a component of NCTE’s Listening to our Elders: Writing and Working for Change, edited by Samantha Blackmon, Cristina Kirklighter, and Stephen Parks, I filmed interviews with members and past and present chairs of the American Indian, Asian/Asian American, Black, Latina/o, and Queer Caucuses. I edited the interviews, as well as footage of caucus meetings and member presentations into short documentaries that discuss the history, current situation, and goals of the caucuses, while exploring the benefits of inter-caucus collaboration. The films are featured on NCTE’s website.

Hutton Lecture Series (four videos of various lengths, 2010)
I filmed the Hutton Lecture Series, a biannual event sponsored by Purdue University’s Rhetoric and Composition program. The speakers were Jacqueline Jones Royster, James Dubinsky, Malea Powell, and Christiane Donahue. Through this project, the Hutton Lectures are publicly accessible for the first time since their inception, widening their reach and creating a record for future scholars.

Making Writing Public: Introductory Composition and Purdue 2009 Showcase (20 minutes, 2009)
In this short documentary, I interview graduate and undergraduate presenters at the Introductory Composition at Purdue Showcase, as well as student and faculty attendees who discuss their reactions to the work. Making Writing Public presents a spectrum of the kinds of projects produced by Purdue students, providing audiences with an in-depth look at the rhetorical thinking developed in First-Year Composition courses. The documentary screened at Computers and Writing Conference.

Videos Made for Online Consumption

Un bon mariage: David Lamelas at the Broad (6 minutes, 2018). Featured on the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University YouTube Channel. Screened at the Broad during their November Broad Underground Film Series in November, 2018.

Working with the Press: A Guide for Academics (3 minutes, 2018). Featured on the website for the Conference on College Composition and Communication Strategic Action Task Force.

Latinx Caucus 2017 Business Meeting (1 minute, 2017). Featured on Latino Rebels.

A Visual Argument for Ethnic Studies (2 minutes, 2016). Featured on Literacy & NCTE.

Latin@s Taking Action (5 minutes, 2016). Featured on Literacy & NCTE.

#FavWomanFilmmaker Monday Video (5 minutes, 2015). Featured on IndieWire, NPR, and others.

Cecilia Rodríguez Milanés Reading Barbie (12 minutes, 2015).

A Mother’s Cinematic Peregrinations (5 minutes, 2015). Featured on Raising Films.

Vanishing Borders Akron Screening (4 minutes, 2015).

Crew and Postproduction Work

Advisor. Joshua Gippin’s feature documentary The Chosen People? (69 minutes, 2017).

Assistant Editor and Videographer.Joseph Arthur’s – The Campaign Song.” (4 minutes, 2016).
I collaborated with artist Spencer Tunick to film and edit footage for singer Joseph Arthur’s official video for his song “The Campaign Song.” The video was featured in Paste Magazine, New Noise Magazine, and Cleve Scene.

Co-producer (with Savannah Smith, Sarah Shaw, and Lindsey Spitzley). “How Many Can YOU Name?” (3 minutes, 2016).

Co-producer (with Savannah Smith and Sarah Shaw). “OscarsSoWhite.” (4 minutes, 2016).